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Waxing do’s and donts by the best salon in Brooklyn, NY

by Dalljiet Kaur February 24, 2024 0 comments

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about waxing. Everyone at one point or the other has indulged in it. This is because of the convenience of the process and the benefits it has to offer. For easy-to-achieve hair-free smooth skin, waxing is always the solution. It is known for long-lasting results and zero to minimal damage to the skin barrier. Whether you are a waxing newbie or consider yourself experienced, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should remember for a hassle-free experience. A skilled team of aesthetic experts at the best salon in Brooklyn, NY - Royal Threading Center has curated this extensive guide for its valuable customers.

Do Prepare Your Skin
Most of us struggle with strawberry skin because we do not prepare our skin well. Preparing the skin is as essential as the process of waxing itself. Exfoliate a day before your appointment. This helps you get rid of dead skin cells and unwanted ingrown hair. Also, do not moisturize immediately before waxing because this can create a barrier that results in ineffective effects.

Choose the Right Wax
Depending on your skin type, weather conditions, growth density, and direction, it is important to choose the right wax. There are many types of waxing available like soft wax, hard wax, chocolate, rica, aloe vera, etc. Your choice also depends on the areas that are to be waxed. 

Never Overheat the Wax
At the first touch of heat, make sure you switch off the waxing machine. An overheated waxing application can cause tremendous damage to the skin. It can leave scars, and cause bacterial infections, cuts, and skin damage. Read the wax warmer manual for instructions regarding heating and temperature control.

Do Not Shave Between Waxing Sessions
Shaving and waxing are not the best of friends. Shaving between waxing sessions disrupts hair growth and leads to uneven results. When you stick to a regular waxing schedule at regular intervals, you will see flawless results and visibly reduced hair growth. The risk of ingrown hairs, irritation, and burns gets reduced while results become long-lasting.

Follow a Proper Technique
These days’ DIY waxing strips are trending. However, when one uses them one realizes that they cause utter discomfort during and after the procedure. To make the most of your waxing routine and leave no room for cuts and burns, contact an experienced aesthetician like those at Royal Threading Center in Brooklyn, NY. With years of experience and expertise, we understand the skin type and then move forward with it.

When you opt for waxing sessions with professionals, you will see that there are multiple things you will not have to worry about. This includes choosing the right wax, using the right technique, testing for sensitivity, caring after the procedure, and much more. Your experience becomes smooth and stress-free with experts just like your skin feels. Contact us now to book an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.

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