Royal Threading Center Darling, You Are Magic

Darling, You Are Magic

Darling, you are magic. Beauty begins the minute you decide to be yourself. This is what we, at Royal Threading, do not tire of iterating and reiterating. Many a times women come to us feeling vulnerable to self-criticism, often berating themselves and finding faults in their style and look, wanting to replicate someone else’s. In times like these, we provide them with the cushioning of comfort, confidence, and what they truly need.

While we definitely suggest regular grooming, in no way do we encourage our customers to not be comfortable in their own skin. Thus, we curate a specialized plan for you, studying your concerns, and understanding your skin, its tone, and texture.

“Building a familial bond with our clients is our number one priority so as to make them trust us and never shy away from voicing their opinions. This helps us grow organically, for constructive criticism is always welcome.”


Whether it is a waxing service they want to avail themselves of or a threading one, we put our equal efforts into both. Our range of facials caters to everyone, whether it be a deep cleansing they need or a gold facial.

We can’t praise our waxing procedures enough. They are an experience in themselves. Those who visit us once, surely stress this themselves.

Eyebrow tints and eyelash extensions are only performed to enhance your natural beauty, in the right amount and with precision. The same goes for henna tattoos.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet for our customer bank speaks volumes. Instead, what we want to assure our customers of is that they are in safe hands and must always come to us for the positivity we have to offer and how encouraging we are. We promise to never cheat you into indulging in something your skin, hair, or body doesn’t require.

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