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The Best Beautician in Brooklyn, NY- Glamour Unleashed

Lo and behold! The best beautician in Brooklyn NY, Royal Threading Center is here to give you a complete makeover and make you fall in love with yourself even more. Seeped in luxury and resorted to customer satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned to provide an unparalleled head-to-toe experience. Whether it is eyebrow threading or tinting you’d like, or full body wax, mink lashes, or henna tattoos, we have got you covered. We check all the boxes for a premium salon experience and would coax you never to compromise on it. 


Here is what we have to offer, something that you will not get anywhere else:


      Personalized Experience

What makes you feel welcome is the special treatment given by your beauty experts. Nothing beats a personalized plan that takes into account your requirements, skin type, time constraints, and budget preferences. Our beauty treatments include everything under the sun - special facials, waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, henna tattoos, and many more.


      Cleanliness and Hygiene

Doctors warn against the infections one can catch from salons. To make sure we do not cause inconvenience of any kind to our customers, we have regular sanitation drives and hygiene level checks. Our instruments are sterilized and we make use of state-of-the-art technology only which means that we keep updating our equipment.



           All our stylists and beauticians are experts who have been trained and certified by top-notch professionals. They understand the importance of a pre and post-salon experience, even if it is related simply to threading or the more technical, micro-needling one.


      Range of Services Offered

We wish to provide our customers with all benefits under one roof by having all types of treatments they need. Having said this, we have made sure to perfect each one and have not rushed into them. Gradually, over the years, we have tested and brought along complete top-to-toe packages. Following is the list of services we provide:


    Full body wax

    Brazilian wax

    Bikini line

    Gold facial

    Deep cleansing

    Henna tattoo

    Eyebrow threading

    Eyebrow tint

    Full face threading

    Classic lash extensions



      Price Range

            Since beauty treatments need to be done after regular intervals, one cannot afford to go overboard on the prices while at the same time cannot compromise on quality. An ideal solution for this is to opt for packages. They make access to multiple services available at an affordable price, serving all purposes. Also, special offers and discount coupons definitely help.



      Test Visit

Before you decide which salon is right for you, you must pay a visit, ask relevant questions, rate the environment and the cordial nature of the staff, and then make a decision. Unless you are not satisfied, no treatment will bear fruit.



So, when you are entitled to so many benefits, why must you shy away from taking that extra step toward pampering yourself? With years of experience, all our staff members contribute immensely to the reputation of Royal Threadings, the premier beauty salon in Brooklyn, NY. There is no stone left unturned to bring to our customer’s luxury and calm like never before. We assure you that if you visit us once, we will become your favorite, and you will schedule regular appointments here, making the most of our packages and exciting offers

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